How Reality TV Ruins Marriages

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J.Lo and Marc Anthony, Heidi and Spencer, and more TV-ruined couples.

I was always an avid Newlyweds watcher (2003-2005, RIP), but I could tell from the beginning that the show was going to ruin Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's marriage. Jessica's rising fame surely played a huge role in their demise, but still, I doubt that having a camera follow you around during your first couple of years of marriage is a picnic in the park. The experience must have been even harder for 98 Degrees boy, since he seemed to be a lot more private (and smarter) than J-Simp. It seems the craziness of reality TV messes with a lot of couples, famous or not—including J.Lo and Marc Anthony, who recently split due to her demanding American Idol schedule, some say. Well, at least celeb breakups make for entertaining photo galleries! The Daily Beast has one this week about, you guessed it, marriages ruined by reality television. 

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