Are Men Today Really Irresponsible, Overgrown Adolescents?


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One woman's defense of modern men: surely they aren't all as derelict as media leads us to believe?

Stephen, 28, has worked as a youth pastor, tutor, and substitute teacher. He would define adulthood as being able to embrace all of one's past and come to terms with both the good and the bad. He observed that all of the societal markers of adulthood outlined in the Times were external factors that said little about how a person was growing internally. "You can be very childish and be married," he notes. "You can be financially stable, but not at all mature."

He also gave a definition of success that I found most interesting. "I would say it has to do with endurance and finishing well," he started. "It's about being faithful to your life's calling, whatever that is. Maybe we can't even define how successful we are until the end of our lives?" 

It's a comforting thought—even for those guys who haven't been getting it right. Yet, we shouldn't discount the many who are. Despite all the Seth Rogen movies, political sex scandals, and articles accusing men of being terrible males and fathers, there are still those who give us hope that perhaps the state of manhood in America isn't as dismal as it seems. 

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