Healthy, Glowing Skin and Your Confidence


Healthy, Glowing Skin and Your Confidence
Learn how to improve your skin care regimen by going beyond regular cleansing.
  1. Use a mild cleanser. Harsh soaps may aggravate acne or skin blemishes by drying and irritating your skin. Opt for the soft and cleansing products designed for sensitive or blemished skin. Also, try to avoid those products that are extremely moisturizing to your skin, as too much oil or fat can clog the pores of your skin.
  2. Take a bath. The water pressure when taking a shower may irritate your skin. In addition, the bath water will soften the skin by helping to get rid of dirt, which will also help unclog pores. You can try adding a little salt from the Dead Sea to reduce the skin inflammation that often accompanies acne on the body. Stay in your bath at least 20 minutes for best results.
  3. Avoid exfoliating. Although exfoliation in general is good for the skin, it is absolutely not recommended for skin with acne. The use of exfoliating products on acne-prone skin will only serve to worsen the irritation and inflammation.
  4. Wear loose clothing made of natural fibers. Avoid tight clothes that rub skin that is already irritated, as this will only aggravate the acne. Choose fabrics soft to the touch.
  5. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. Adopting healthy eating habits and eliminating fried foods and caffeine from your diet can positively affect your healthy glow. Drinking water allows you to eliminate toxins from your body that may be responsible for acne while moisturizing your skin without making it greasy.

The Holy Grail of Glowing Skin is not just found in a bottle or tube but is found by also adopting or pairing it with an overall healthy lifestyle to your skincare regime. With a healthy lifestyle you will also find your overall confidence is boosted, resulting in a renewed, positive outlook. Is there any other motivation needed to embrace a balanced work/life approach? Your ability to stay motivated toward achieving your success is definitely based on your confidence and self-worth; your healthy skin and body care is just one way to boost your confidence. What are you waiting for?

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom.


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