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Link Love: Are Housewives Credit-Worthy?

Are Adele fans better at dating than other music fans?

Secrets of a sexually-satisfied couple. Be good or be good at it. (Glo)

Did you know that bad habits (your drugs, your over-weightedness, your what have you) make people bad at sex? Kick the habit and knock some boots. (Nerve)

Another not great habit: never using prophylactics. But here are 10 things you can learn from a dude who hates birth control. (Em And Lo)

Huey Lewis only had half the formula right. Some people are actually addicted to approval. Are you? (Huffington Post)

What if, for whatever reason, you had to ask your spouse to use the credit card? Or for a card of your own? (Jezebel)

And a lil uplifting thingy: Adele fans are really good at online dating. Too bad for Juggalos… (The Frisky)


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