Link Love: Does Cohabiting Really Make Economic Sense?

Plus how easy are people from San Francisco?

I suppose this explains why I like being the inside spoon. Men need more cuddling. (Jezebel)

Sometimes having a reputation, even if you're the only one who knows about it, can be a huge burden. Now imagine that reputation is for being sexually adventurous… (College Candy)

Did you know it's national carphone courtesy month? Try some of these tips and your dating life may be super-awesome. (Glamour)

Talk about inconsiderate… What would you do if your boyfriend was like Tobias from Arrested Development and was ashamed of being naked? Or worse, kept a oxford on during sex? (Marie Claire)

Something New Yorkers kick around on the regular: does living together really save money? (My Daily)

And they don't call San Francisco "the Big Easy" for nothing (or at all!). A survey says San Franciscans average more sex partners than any other American. (Nerve)

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