Poll: Would You Date Someone Accused Of Murder?


Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony is going to be a free woman. Would you date a person with a similar past?

The controversial verdict is in, folks. After over 30 days of testimony and just under 11 hours of deliberation, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

There's been an absolute media frenzy surrounding this high-profile case for about three years, and a lot of outrage now that there's a verdict of innocence from the jury. But our country's legal system is final on this matter: In a short amount of time, Casey will be a free woman. She will go on and attempt to live her life like any one of us, and presumably she'll eventually look for love again. She's just 25 years old. Complete This Sentence: I Think Casey Anthony Is....

Of course, looking for your match is a whole different game when you've been accused of murdering your young daughter. Most of the country has heard Casey's name in connection with this heinous crime. We realize that in the judicial system you're innocent until proven guilty, but no matter what the final verdict, it's hard to forget everything you've seen and heard about a person. Casey Anthony: Porn Star?

Casey isn't the first person with a legal past. There are many people walking around today who have been accused of some pretty horrible crimes, but have also been found not guilty by a jury of their peers. And we'd presume those people are dating, too. We're wondering what you think about that...

Would you date someone who'd been accused of murder?

Would You Date Someone Accused Of Murder?:

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