Healthy Habits We Can Learn From Men


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Grab a beer, ask for a raise -- and give yourself some love.

We all know that women are the healthier sex. We see the doc more often. We live longer. So why would we care what good habits guys use to stay fit? Because research shows that men have an easier time losing weight and finding happiness than women do, thanks to key lifestyle differences. Read on for eight of his healthy habits that are worth adding to your health arsenal.

Good Habit #1: Eat a Real Meal
"Many women eat too little at breakfast and lunch," says Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D., author of The Flexitarian Diet. "And without enough calories and the right combination of protein, carbs, and fat in a meal, your blood sugar levels fluctuate." That can leave you feeling hungry, which increases your chances of staging a mid-afternoon vending machine raid or overeating at night.


Adopt His Healthy Habit: In the morning, swap your usual bowl of cornflakes for an egg-and-cheese sandwich (try this super-satisfying egg sandwich recipe) or oatmeal topped with nuts or fruit. Then, to stay full until dinner, bulk up your midday meal too. Front-loading your calories like this may feel like overeating, but research has found that it actually helps you take in fewer calories overall. Shape: Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Good Habit #2: Be a Straight Shooter
Men yell at each other and no one cries. "It's socially acceptable for men to express anger, but we're taught it's not ladylike," says Sally Stabb, Ph.D., a psychologist at Texas Woman's University. That's especially bad because researchers at Boston University found that women who suppress their feelings, like anger, are four times more likely to die earlier from diseases like heart disease than those who speak up.

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