Quiz For A Cause: How Well Do You Know Your Lady Parts?

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Ace a quiz on the female anatomy and help a great cause for women, courtesy of Summer's Eve.

Ladies, we've got a challenge for you. Are you an expert on your lady parts? Could you label your labia? Do you know your clitoris from your vulva?

If you've got the vaginal anatomy down, then awesome! If not, then you're not alone. More than 70 percent of women don't know the basics about their lady bits, and Summer's Eve is looking to change that. A Vagina Speaks: A Deeper Understanding of the Vagina

The feminine-hygiene company is hosting a quiz called "ID the V," asking women to identify the five major areas of a lady's genitalia. If you get all five correct, then it's a WIN! Summer's Eve will donate $1 to i am that girl, an organization that promotes confidence in women and girls, for the first 25,000 women who ace the short test. So, what are you waiting for? Everyone wins here, so go take the quiz! Now!

If you don't get 'em all right, then it's OK. (Our Community Director, Lyz, Assistant Editor, Natalie and VP of Content, Sarah all got just three out of five questions correct—some of that labeling is tough!) Now, you'll know a little more about your sexual health. However, we still hope you make like our senior editor, Genevieve, and yours truly by scoring a five out of five. Hooray! (Wink, wink.) Top 10 Myths About Safe Sex And Sexual Health

In all seriousness though, please go take the Summer's Eve quiz. In honor of better awareness for female sexual health, and a charity all about women's confidence, it's definitely worth your while.


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