Aquarius Nation: July 2011 Monthly Horoscopes For All Signs


Aquarius Nation: July 2011 Monthly Horoscopes For All Signs
Read your monthly horoscope for July 2011! Understand what you and your people are going through ...

So Leo you are just calming down from what has been a pretty wild busy ride. More than anything you are probably wanting to disengage and get off by yourself to think through some of your past choices. Now one thing that happens to people at this point of the year, right before they have a birthday, is that they go through a mini death period. And ultimately it is only to take the time to face how we ran our last year, and to not beat ourselves up, but to see how we would like to make changes and do things differently for our next rebirth cycle which occurs on our birthday. I say this to you because most people do not understand this natural process and instead they tend to spend this time looking at their choices critically and feel like they messed up and aren't living their lives to its fullest. That is not really how you should spend this time because ultimately there are no mistakes and every thing that came to you was something that you needed to have happen in order to learn and move on to the next step. You would be wise to take the time go inward and give yourself an honest appraisal but only with the intention of how you can do it differently or do it better next year. And if you are unhappy with any of your choices just use it as the fuel to make a better decision next time. Use this time to see how you can learn something from whatever you don't feel so good about. But never beat yourself up because you have to trust that if you chose a certain path then somewhere along that path the reason will be made known.

Stability and feeling safe and loved should be on your mind a lot these days and with Venus opposing Pluto on the 8th you will be looking back at past love experiences. If there are any that are too fresh then this could be a volatile time and full of power struggles and even anger. If there has not been anything on the horizon in a while then you may be appraising past loves and seeing the qualities that you would like to see manifesting in your life now. If you are single you probably are really thinking about how cool it would be to have a true partner by your side and someone to share in your adventures. And I say to you, perfect time to be thinking such things and since we have this ultra powerful New Moon Eclipse on the 1st then you dedicate some time to getting really clear on what you want to see manifest in your life. If you are recently ending a relationship then use this time to clear any disagreements and bad energy charges. If you in a relationship at this time then use this opportunity to strengthen what you do have through wishes and affirmations.

One thing that will be good for you and this inner work season is that Mercury will be going into Leo on the 1st so you will be able to share with others what is going on with you. Sometimes we just go through these things in our minds and we cant bring the words out to share them with others and that wont be the case for you. So if you want to try out therapy, do it. If you want to share what you are thinking with friends, then do it. If you need to say something that you haven't been able to say, then this aspect will give you the power to just say it and release the burden of holding it in any longer. You can speak your truth now, and that truth will be coming from a very deep place inside of you.