Aquarius Nation: July 2011 Monthly Horoscopes For All Signs

Aquarius Nation: July 2011 Monthly Horoscopes For All Signs

Read your monthly horoscope for July 2011! Understand what you and your people are going through ...

camp fire. Now I give this message to you dear Capricorn because there is someone or several someones you need to open the line of communication with. Until this line is open you carry the burden in your body and you just can't move forward until the road has been cleared. Fortunately due to this powerful New Moon/Eclipse on July 1st you have all the powers that be working with you to help it be a smooth and cohesive journey. It's like even if there is someone who has always given you crap and you just can never see eye to eye with them, the gift of this alignment will be like someone is dosing them up with a few glasses of wine first and they will be all love and agreeable and able to see your point of view. Now It will be easier for you to create harmony when at other times it may have felt like there was unshiftable strife between you. And even if it starts out in a rocky, destructive feeling beginning, keep working through it to get to a peaceful understanding. It is very possible at this time to get to that peaceful, cleared energy state.

If you are feeling lonely and alone right now then that is an indication that you need to reach out to touch someone else in order to bring more togetherness and partnerships into your life. You should be surrounded by people who love and value you right now and if that arena is lacking then you may have to do the ole put out some more of what you want to have more come back to you. Reach out to some friends on Facebook that you haven't connected with in a while by sending a few words of recognition and remembrance of the good old days. Don't be surprised if some old friends show up this month wanting to reconnect, and by all means be there for them and allow the lines of communication to flow once again. Partnerships of all kinds will be lit up for you at this time so things may have been rocky with co-workers but you will now find the ways to come to better understandings while keeping your integrity in tact and honoring them as valuable assets to the whole team. So often when we have quarrels with others, we are all really just wanting to be heard and you have that gift right now to put yourself in their shoes and listen between the words and find a solution that makes you both happy.

If you are looking for a romantic partnership this is the time to keep your eyes open for anyone new that crosses your path. And if you feel some interest, be the one to go up to them and initiate the talks. Don't wait for them to be the aggressor. If you like someone and they tug at your heart strings, then make that known. If it doesn't come together you can always at least share in a friendship and we can never have too many of those in our life. But right now, no doubt, you are ripe for some beyond the platonic atmosphere loving. Your chart is completely lined up to find someone and to really have an exciting time together. My message to you is to not judge the package though for I believe that is a major obstacle we all have to overcome. If the Universe sends us someone and we feel that inner charge of "who is that??" then we should really go investigate why we felt such a reaction over someone. I have a friend who had always thought of herself as straight and when she had this same sort of alignment happening in her chart she met this woman who just lit her up inside and at first she rejected the feelings because she was straight, right? So they became friends anyway and over the time of about a year her feelings just grew and evolved and I had mentioned to her in a reading that if the Universe thinks this is what you need then.... ya know. So she decided to give it a try because like I said, if it doesn't work out at least you have that friendship to fall back on and you can laugh about your adventures later and still be friends. So they gave it a try and it is now 3 years later and they live together and my friend is the happiest I have ever seen her. Before she would bounce from man to man, bed to bed, and was always searching for this true love thing and didn't ever find it until this aspect in her chart happened and whatta ya know her true love turned out to be a woman. So don't judge what the Universe brings you at this time. But if someone does cross your path then by all means give it the opportunity to blossom into something beyond your wildest dreams.

You have been very focused recently on making your work environment more pleasurable, whether that meant leaving a job, creating a new job or shifting your thoughts about your current job, and that energy will continue for some time. You have truly grasped that fact that we must love what we do in our career in order for other things in our life to come together harmoniously. You also have come to the conclusion that you deserve to be honored for what you bring to your work environment and if you are not valued then you would be better off finding something else even if that something else means less pay. If you just put yourself in an environment that values you then you will be like a flower full of miracle grow and you will naturally magnetize more opportunities for growth in other ways. Just know that even if you do have to leave a job because it


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