Indian Sex,


This Blackman was Shown the Backdoor


I now know, Indian ,Pakistani and Afghani men prefer boy sex over lady sex; even Indian and Pakistani (GOD made) women are now giving their back door sex (anus) in order to keep their husbands out of the boys and Hijras (eunuchs ,manmade women) Bacha Bazi (boy play).
I have had sex with Gujarati, Hindu and Muslim Indo-Pak women, the Hindus woman sneak over to my apartment, dressed as Mexican women, here in America and Muslims women come covered in their black hijabs like they are going to some religious meeting.
Punjabi women seem to like to sneak around with East African men here in America, the older Indian women like  American men like myself: mature, low key; non-gangster type, who knows about South Asian culture, without being too closely involved in their communities.
Younger Indo-Pak woman dressed American, I’ve seen with white college type males away from the Indian neighbor hoods.
I just love how Indian women look in their colorful sarees and shawl khamis, Indian woman in American clothes, look like Latina women, who are beautiful as well.
Many Indo -Pak woman allow ANAL sex to keep their virginity so to not be "STONED to DEATH" before their forced (arranged) marriage to one of their male family members and because many Indo-Pak men there, first time sex is with Hijras or Bacha Bazi. (If marriage wasn’t forced, many men would just stay with their Hijras).
But once that’s over then it is up for grabs, for a Black man like me who can keep a secret, I have been married once to a Punjabi; I had to kick a few Hindu and Muslim men, asses for getting involved in my business concerning my ex-wife.
For the Muslims, it seems to me, Indo-Pak GOD made women are only to keep house and sex is only to have babies, no wearing of perfume at all ,or going out at anytime without the husband and many are not allowed to attend the Mosque (Masjid), men are allowed to wear perfume at the Mosque.
Indo-Pak manmade women are for dancing in the daytime and the so called fun sex with men at night after the last prayer of the day (Salaat-tul-Isha).
Most Indo-Pak woman don’t screw and suck too good at first (I was surprised, I thought they all were Kama Sutra), but they are fast learners, I think Black and White American woman give the best sex, I feel, because they know what they want from a man and they are not afraid to ask for it and even demand what they want such as getting and giving great oral sex.
Indian and Pakistani woman do not put much input into sex, but on the other hand they do not complain about taking it up the ass, they seem to prefer this way over all else and I truly love me some Indian “lady” Paki BOO(_!_)DEE.

Sign: thehijj 


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