12 Ways To Feel Sexy Right Now

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How to feel sexy, no matter your size, shape or age.

4. Wear something sexy.  Even if you're just making cereal, watching reality TV or vacuuming the living room, wear something that makes your feel your best. It could be some sexy lingerie, a sultry summer dress or your favorite skinny jeans. Comfy clothes tend to give people permission to "let go" and start indulging. Ever notice that when you are wearing something sexy it changes your whole energy? Instead of getting home and getting into your comfortable clothes, light some candles and get comfortable with feeling sexy instead!

5. FLIRT! It's as simple as making eye contact with people as you walk down the street. Maybe even give a little smile and ignite that twinkle in your eye. Just putting out those attraction vibes will instantly increase your mojo. Whether you are married or single, we all want to feel desired. This type of innocent flirting is great foreplay that will instantly make you feel sexy and empowered.


6. Stop competing. Body image agonies are aggravated to a great extent by woman-on-woman competition for desirability or "Who's the prettiest in the room?" Women will pick on the tiniest details and microflaws in other women because they are strongly focused on winning this competition. Know this: most men are desirous of the major sexy points of your body. They don't care about the small flaws. Nobody's Perfect: 7 Beauty Myths Secretly RUINING Your Love Life

7. Accentuate the positive. Choose clothes, casual and Friday night outfits, that fit you (men) and accentuate your assets (women). Guys, go ask women friends of your partner or those who aren't prospective sweethearts to take you shopping and help make you over. The transformations can be really eye-opening. Seeing their approval and feeling your own when you look in the mirror is what you need.

8. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a little dose of lavish luxury. Give yourself permission to let go of any guilt and simply indulge in something that reawakens your sensual energy. It could be treating yourself to a massage, mani/pedi, facial or a nice long bubble bath. You could go dancing or out for a nice long walk in nature. Simply allow yourself to relinquish responsibilities for an hour and reconnect with yourself.

9. Try on a different persona. There's a reason why Halloween parties are so much fun, and why so many women totally change their hair after a breakup: playing dress-up is just plain liberating. It's nice to take a break from overanalyzing how we look by making a drastic change, even if it's temporary. Wear something totally out of character, just for a day, or book an appointment with an amazing stylist. Switch it up big-time and enjoy the way everyone around you responds.

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