Love Lessons We Learned From Our Dads


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For Father's Day we thought we'd see what dear old dad had to say about love.

"Always stand up for yourself and what you believe in your heart is right. Never let a man determine your self worth. Be strong, no matter what." -Susie H

"Just because you make a decision doesn't mean you can't make another one." - Victor P


"Live by your choices and learn from your mistakes." - Zelda P

"Make sure you marry a man that can take care of you, and fix your car... so I married a mechanic." - Mary L

"You don't lose when you get knocked down you only lose when you give up." - Thomas R

"If your wife is not happy, then no one in the house will be happy." - James B

"Cross ur legs" - Avril C

Not sure I could have closed it any better way. What love advice has your dad given you?

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