Complete This Sentence: If I Were Anthony Weiner's Wife...

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If you were Huma Abedin, Rep. Weiner's wife, what would you do about Weinergate?

Regardless of how you feel about Representative Anthony Weiner's politics, we can all agree that the "Weinergate" scandal has elevated him to an unbeatable punchline. National news outlets, Twitter users, and even Donald Trump (who called him a psycho) have weighed in on Weiner's behavior.

But we haven't heard from the one person whom this affects more than it does all of us combined: Huma Abedin, Weiner's wife since last summer. Abedin, who is the right-hand woman to Senator Hillary Clinton, is expected to stand by her husband, despite not appearing with him during Monday's press conference where he admitted he'd sent lewd photos of himself to women online.

Sources say Abedin initially believed Weiner's story that his Twitter and Facebook accounts had been hacked, and that she responded with "anger and sadness" upon learning the truth.

Complete this sentence: If I were Anthony Weiner's wife, I would...

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