Weinergate: Yes, Weiner Sent Lewd Photo... No, He Won't Resign


Rep. Anthony Weiner
Rep. Anthony Weiner sent the bulge photo in the Weinergate sexting scandal himself. Mystery solved.

"I take full responsibility for my actions. The picture was of me, and I sent it."

That's right, people: GASP.


Weinergate was busted wide open today when Representative Anthony Weiner admitted to sending the lewd Twitpic that shocked the world. He broke down in tears, apologized, said he took full responsibility for his actions, destroyed any shreds of respect he might have had left as a politician... and then refused to resign from his office.

We know! We. Know. Here's what Weiner said:

"I am sorry and I continue to be, but I don't see that anything I did violates the rules of the House. I don't see that anything I did violates my oath of office to uphold the Constitution."

We guess lying is no big deal? Whatevs. 

The breakdown on what happened, for those of you who are just catching up with the scandal: Weiner thought he was sending a private direct message on Twitter to a woman he had been sexting—a scandalous "bulge" photo to a Seattle-based college student. But instead, he posted the pic (below) straight to his Twitter feed.


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