Best Summer Date Ideas: Day Trips


Day trips for just the two of you, whether it's your first date or the fortieth.

#48: Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District; Fort Worth, TX
Home City:
Distance: 39 miles
Perfect for: Wannabe cowpoke couples

Smitten city slickers looking for a piece of the Old West can spend the day at the Fort Worth Stockyards. A former livestock market, the district now celebrates the cowboy way of life through live rodeos, daily cattle drives and western-themed shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There are also walking tours, trail rides and the Rodeo Zone, where cowboys and cowgirls-in-training can learn the arts of roping, barrel racing and mechanical bull riding.

Up Next: Museum of Glass and Tacoma Glassblowing Studio; Tacoma, WA



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