Best Summer Date Ideas: Food & Drink Trends

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Tease and tempt your palate before you tease and tempt your man.

#31: Amped-Up Childhood Favorites

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Nothing says youth like summer love, but no matter your age you can enjoy childhood food favorites with an adult spin! From popsicles to grilled cheese, these amped-up kiddie classics will remind you of those carefree summer days, maybe even easing those first date jitters. Some examples include: Paletas (Mexican-style popsicles) in flavors like Hibiscus and Avocado from La Newyorkina in New York; grilled cheese sandwiches like the Sweet Dreams Melt (goat cheese, candied bacon, apple) from Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck in Boston, and an adult shaved ice (made with liquor) called a Rumble from Comme Ça in West Hollywood and Las Vegas. Check out the Rumble recipe here.

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