The Bachelorette Episode 2: An Almost-Wedding In Sin City


bachelorette ashley episode two
Bachelorette Ashley and the boys are back in Las Vegas in episode two.

Back at the mansion, another date card arrives and two guys flip a coin for a date. Mickey, a chef from Cleveland, gets heads and flies to Vegas, where he and Ashley spend the whole date flipping coins. Heads for white, tails for red. Heads for steak, tails for chicken. I had to flip a coin to stay awake through this boring date. When it came to rose time, Ashley decided to flip a coin on whether to give him a rose or not. Heads you stay, tails you go. Well, he got the best heads of his life. And yes, he got the rose. Then they got a private concert from Colbie Caillat, who no doubt was bored too, performing for TWO entire people.

Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, the masked crusader started to feel a tad insincere. Oh boo-hoo, no one likes you because you wear a mask 24/7, you dork.


Finally, after what felt like four months, the rose ceremony began. There were a few dudes who had yet to get even a spare minute with Ashley, so that caused tension. And then the Phantom of the Opera showed up and was ready to finally reveal his face to Ashley… until another guy came in and ruined the moment.

Bentley decided to literally sweep Ashley off her feet and go in for a kiss in front of a fire. After they kissed, he was like, "Oh, man, that was BORING" (to the cameras, of course). Ashley LOVED it.

Ashley's famous last words will no doubt be: "I have a good radar!"

Then Chris Harrison popped in and got the rose ball rolling, where Ash sent home a bunch of totally forgettable dudes.

Next week: Tears. And lots of 'em.