Why I Feel Sorry For Eva Mendes


eva mendes
Eva Mendes' recent comments about marriage show how little she really understands it.

My husband is sexier to me now than he has ever been, and much of that comes from the fulfillment and peace I feel knowing that we are in this covenant relationship together, as long as we both shall live. And it's not like, after 16 years of marriage, we have just given up caring what we look like or being romantic with each other, either. I don't know anyone in a successful marriage who has. If anything, it's even more exciting and challenging to find ways to "wow" your partner or express your love in a new way when you are in a permanent relationship—and more fulfilling when you succeed. 7 Ways To Make Lust Last

So Eva may never marry. About that, I really don't care. But note to her: Please don't patronize the rest of us who actually respect, understand—and enjoy!—the institution of marriage... Thanks.

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