Poll: What's The Hardest Thing About Dating?


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What's the most difficult part of dating for you?

Dating can be hard. We know this, because we get tons of questions from our readers about dating. Things like, how do I meet people? You've signed up for five online dating sites. Your friends have set you up with their co-workers, cousins and cool single pals. You've taken all the cooking classes you can stand. But still, you're not meeting the right people.

We also hear that you don't have time to date. With school, work, kids, friends, exercise, and more, people's hectic lives don't leave much time to go through dozens dating profiles, go out with all those friends-of-friends, or take one class, let alone several.

And what about "the rules"? Modern dating etiquette can be a minefield. Who picks up the check? Should you thank him after a good date? Is it OK to invite someone up to your place? Will he lose interest if you have sex too early? Or if you don't?

Communication is another common issue. Why do some guys text you five times in a row, but don’t pick up the phone when you call? Should you friend someone on Facebook before meeting them? Are emoticons cute or cheesy?

And, finally, there's the old question, What do I want? Knowing what's right for you seems like it should be easy, but time after time we hear stories about women falling for the wrong guy. Maybe it's a weakness for bad boys. Or a guy who's perfect on paper but just doesn't get you. Or one who gets you perfectly, but to whom you're not attracted. Where do you compromise and where do you hold your ground?

Our mission at YourTango is to help you live your best love life, but to do that we need your help. Take our poll below, and then tell us more in the comments: What's the most difficult thing about dating, for you?

What's The Hardest Thing About Dating? :

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