If I Got Pregnant By A Married Man, I Would...


What would you do if you were Mildred Baena in the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child story?

So, say you hit it off with a rich, married man, commence an affair, and get pregnant with his baby (does this story sound familiar?). When you approach him about his impending offspring, he offers to pay child support but hesitates to tell his wife about you and your child's existence. We've evaluated the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger story from Maria Shriver's point of view, but now we'd like to know what you'd do if you were Mildred Baena, the housekeeper who kept her child's paternity a secret for more than a decade? Would you tell your child about his biological father? Would you tell anybody about it? Or would you try convincing your babydaddy to come clean to his wife first?

Complete this sentence: If I got pregnant by a married man, I would....

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