Famous Love Children And Their Celebrity Parents


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Whether they admit it or not, these surprise babies proved quite a shock to their famous parents.

Pearl Button Anderson. Pearl is not even a year old yet, but she's already causing international drama. Things have gotten so bad between her parents that Pearl's mother, Frances Anderson, sued Pearl's father, Oscar-winning film producer and director Steven Soderbergh, for child support. Frances and Steven had a brief sexual relationship in December 2009, while Steven was married (but separated) to his wife, writer and former model Jules Asner. Describe Amazing Sex And Win A Trip To NYC The Erin Brokovich director has since been scientifically proven to be Pearl's father through a DNA test. Nevertheless, Steven isn't interested in helping to support his child and has yet to lay eyes on his daughter in the flesh.

Prince Harry. There's no concrete proof, but Prince Harry's true lineage has been a constant question for the media in the past. Prince Harry Is Single Officially, he is the son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, but others have speculated that Prince Harry is really a product of Princess Diana and James Hewitt's love affair. Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Married!  Luckily for the prince, either way he is still enjoying life as a royal and Prince Charles has never succumbed to taking the ever-telling DNA test.


Ruth Clapton and Conor Clapton. Eric Clapton has certainly been busy. He had not one, but two children from two different mistresses while married to Pattie Boyd. He had a daugther, Ruth, with Yvonne Kelly in 1985. However, it wasn't until 1991 that the public learned Ruth was the musician's daughter. Despite the secrecy, Ruth has asserted that Eric never shirked his fatherly responsibilities.  

Eric had another child, Conor, from a different affair, this time with Italian model Lori Del Santo. Conor died tragically when he was four-years-old after falling from the 53rd story window out of a New York City apartment. His death became the basis for Eric's famous song, "Tears in Heaven."

Alexandra Stevenson and Jules Madden. Former NBA player Julius "Dr. J" Erving was married to Turquoise Erving for over 30 years. Nevertheless, during that time he had at least two affairs and had two children outside his marriage. His first love child was with sportswriter Samantha Stevenson with whom he had a daughter, tennis player Alexandra Stevenson. Julius supported the tennis pro, but their relationship was not made public until she reached the Wimbledon semifinals in 1999. Even then, they did not have a personal relationship until 2008, 27 years after Alexandra's birth. Their eventual meeting was documented by ESPN's "Reaching Out."

Julius later had an affair with Dorys Madden. In 2003, Dorys gave birth to a son, Jules. After hearing about her husband's second affair, Turquoise called it quits with the NBA Hall of Famer and filed for divorce.

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