Does Casual Sex Stunt Our Emotional Growth?


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One Christian wonders if casual sex makes us emotional prudes.

And no one wants to be labeled a prude—not me, not anyone. Yet, I suppose I fear that I am. And it bothers me that I fear that I am. Shouldn't I, an adult college graduate, be above all that stupid high school business of caring what others think of me? Shouldn't I be completely comfortable in my own skin and in my own faith and convictions?

No. I don't need to care, but the truth is that I do. Not always, but sometimes.


I was recently reading a book about sex that was written by a young Christian author named Tyler Blanski. In one paragraph, before he makes his point—before he writes anything else—he says this: "I don't want to be a sexual prude." 

Every time I re-read that, it makes me laugh. At least I'm not alone.

He continues, "But I wonder if by pretending that sex is emotionally and morally no-strings-attached, a person becomes an emotional prude. An emotional prude uses sex to escape the commitment and vulnerability required in general relationship."

Is that what we've done? Have we become a society that despises sexual prudishness, but glorifies emotional prudishness? Do we even really understand what sacred means?

I don't have all the answers to those questions, but I do think it's important to consider them. Take a few moments, hit the pause button on life, and before you make another joke about sex, or gossip about sex, or sing along to a rap song about sex, just ask yourself: What is it really all about?

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