How To Turn Date Night Into Incredibly Hot Sex


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80% say going on a date can rekindle passion. How to transition from date night into hot sex.

Tip #2: During the date, make an effort to connect both intellectually and physically.

Olivia Newton John had the best advice for picking a date-night activity: "Let's get physical!"


Choose an activity that will bring you two in close contact. Maybe even something he's good at: that way, he'll feel confident and ready to show you his moves. Games like golf or pool are perfect because when he goes to teach you some skills, it will feel like foreplay.

Even if you end up just having dinner in a nice restaurant, "Don't forget about the power of casual touch," says YourTango Expert Johanna Lyman. "As you're talking, lean in and brush his palm or inner forearm lightly with your fingers. Make soft brushing strokes, and don't pay attention to what you're doing. Instead, watch his reaction as her tries to pay attention to your words and not the desire sparking from your fingers." The Power And Science Of Sexual Touch

Now that your bodies are close, it's time to have your minds meet. Surprisingly enough, "talking about the relationship" is what YourTango's survey revealed truly reignited attraction between a couple. So, while we gals are normally focused on working our assets that jiggle, make sure you're also showing off your stimulating conversation.

As the manager of a hot New York City date spot (so hot we promised we'd keep it a secret!), Heidi Young can tell you there are some topics you should stay away from. No matter how scrumptious the food is, Young warns, "Talking about your job, your exes or your family is in bad taste for a date night." Instead, she suggests you stick to romantic topics, remind him of all the special, sexy times you've shared since your first date.

Most importantly, don't wear yourself out wining and dining—and don't drink to much! The best part of the night is yet to come (no pun intended).

Tip #3: Want sex? Don't be afraid to go for the goal.

Now that you're both warmed up, it's time to go home and get busy. And since you've been setting the tone all day, he'll know exactly what to expect once you've unlocked the front door. But if there's any lingering doubt, show him you're ready for action by attacking him with kisses on the way home. That will immediately let him know the date has moved on the next phase.

Once inside, turn on some music to set the mood. Shakespeare wrote, "If music be the food of love, play on." A few hundred years later you know some smooth jams will still get the sexy party started. Set the tone and transform your date with songs that make you want to take it all off. And when you're feeling the beat, do a strip tease for your man by slowly taking your clothes off pieces by piece. 

Or, if you want to really build the tension, tell him to meet you in the bedroom in 5 or 10 minutes. Once there, strip down to the lingerie you've been wearing all night, light the candles and pour the wine and let him spend that time looking forward to the kind of kinky things you're planning. Waiting will drive him wild, and he'll be ready to do the same to you. Improve Your Love Making With Sexual Role Play

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