my boyfriend asked for space/break and we haven't spoken in 2 wks


i miss him badly and would like to know if he is coming back to our relationship

my boyfriend of 8+ years told me 3 weeks ago that he wanted a break/space and i broke down and told him to take me back, i even begged him. in that first week i contacted him trying to get him back and to understand why. but he just said no. now he contacted me 13 days ago and we talked for a bit through text, but since then he hasnt contacted me [and neither have i] but i feel like im dying without him and today is our 8 year 6 month anniversary and i have no clue what to do, till now he hasnt contacted me. i miss him so much and wonder if he'll even be back. to me the break came out of left field and did not expect it at all. i do still live my life but i keep a bit of a look out hoping he shows up one day, i do go out a little with my mom but i truly dont do much and just miss him with all my heart. with this whole 'break' thing i realized that he is the one im in love with, something that got more obvious when this happened, because i already knew i loved him, but i did not know how much till now. i wonder if i should contact him because i dont want to push him away and if anything i want him to come back soon. can you guys please help me?


Expert advice

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