Touch, Play, Explore and Discover the Pleasures of Self Love


Touch, Play, Explore and Discover the Pleasures of Self Love
Masturbation is the most innate, natural & common forms of sexual expression. Why do some shame it?

A wide range of animals will masturbate and also use objects as tools to help them do so. The bonobos monkeys in particular use masturbation and sex to ease aggression and social tensions, as their society literally revolves around elaborate, recreational sex. They enjoy endless masturbation, french kissing, oral sex, gay sex, and intercourse in every position imaginable with any willing member of their tribe, or multiple partners at once. If it feels good, then do it – with or without a partner. The animals know that and feel no shame whatsoever – why should we?

“Marriage is like a game of bridge; if you don’t have a good partner you’d better have a good hand.” – Mae West


Women who regularly masturbate increase resistance of yeast infections. It can also relieve stress, tension, migraine headaches, and premenstrual symptoms as well as alleviate chronic back pain. Masturbation is a natural energizer, as well as helps people sleep better. It can also help people build stronger pelvic floor muscles, improving sexual performance and enjoyment. Masturbation can improve sexual health and relationships. By exploring your own body, you can determine what is most erotically pleasing and communicate your preferences with your partner. Some partners use mutual masturbation to discover techniques for a more satisfying sexual relationship and to add to their mutual intimacy.

Some women may have a difficult time reaching orgasm, and masturbation is an excellent way to experiment and practice. You may want to try to try some [G] Clitoral Stimulation Gel to feel more aroused and sensitive, as [G] can help you to experience stronger and more frequent orgasms. [G] is 100% natural and contains powerful botanicals to increase blood flow to your genital area. So go ahead and use your hand or sex toy of your choice and celebrate National Masturbation Month!

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