If My Partner Claimed Bin Laden's Death Was A Hoax, I Would...

osama bin laden

How would or do you react to your partner's conspiracy theories?

By now, you've heard that American forces killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan last Sunday. While your neighbors celebrate and your Twitter feed goes into overdrive, your boyfriend pores over his computer, mumbling about the national hive mind. Sensing a tirade, you calmly ask him what's up only for him to calmly reply that the whole thing's a government conspiracy and that you'd better question why we haven't seen any pictures of his body.

Since political discussions are a regular part of couplehood, let us know how you would respond to such a loaded claim. Would you laugh in his face? Or would you ask him to make a case for it?

Complete this sentence: If my partner claimed that Osama Bin Laden's death were a government conspiracy, I would ......

Image courtesy of The Guardian


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