7 Romantic Horse Movies In Honor Of The Kentucky Derby


Grab a mint julep and celebrate the Kentucky Derby with one of these romantic horse films.

They say a girl's first love is her horse. Maybe that's true—if she's lucky enough to have one.

In American culture, horses have long symbolized adventure and a return to nature in an increasingly industrialized world. It's no wonder that My Little Pony and its ilk are still popular today. The Kentucky Derby wouldn't have the same appeal if there were cars instead of horses racing around Churchill Downs. In literature and film, horses serve their riders in multiple ways. The beautiful animals are strong and often wild, but in need of love and care. With enough dedication, they can be tamed into loyal companions.

Could classic movies about people and their horses teach us a thing or two about love? We think the following movies, compiled in honor of Saturday's Kentucky Derby, just might. So grab a mint julep and settle in to watch one of these romantic horse flicks.

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