What Healthy Grief Looks Like


What Healthy Grief Looks Like
In my ongoing theme on grief, today I am going to write about healthy grieving. What does it look l

5.  If you want to be friends with your ex, that’s great, but realize that you will first need a separation until both of your grief processes have either greatly progressed or completed.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can go from being lovers one day to friends the next, or that you can be there to console each other about the loss of your relationship.

6.  Speaking of that, DO reach out to friends and relatives who are supportive of you, but also balance that with time alone.  Trying to cope by scheduling every waking moment with a social activity is just another way of choosing not to grieve.

7.  Remember that your grief will not last forever even though it may feel like it’s going to and that the only way to “get over” someone is to move through your grief, not around it.  If you have been following these guidelines and you don’t see yourself gradually getting back to the normal “you”, consider seeking the help of a therapist or life coach.  Sometimes professional help can facilitate a process that you are lost or stuck in, with a minimum of pain.

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