4 Tips For Easter Brunch With Your Partner's Family


4 Tips For Easter Brunch With Your Partner's Family
Mars Venus Coaching talks turkey on Easter!

Mars Venus Coaching talks turkey on Easter! Easter is one of those times when old traditions mix with new relationships. And if your boyfriend or girlfriend comes from a close-knit or BIG family…there is not getting past meeting the family over this holiday. So what are some things you can do while you’re stressing out about meeting the future in-laws? What if you just started dating? How can you make this event smooth, and still come across as your fabulous, confident, charming self?

If you’re newly dating…you are in the spring of your relationship when all is fresh. It seems like you will be happy forever, and you cannot imagine not loving your partner. Or perhaps you’re into the summer of your love—and you’re beginning to realize that the relationship to survive will require work on both of your parts.


Here are some tips to help you get through Easter brunch with your date’s family. Bringing along flowers or a corsage for the matriarch isn’t a bad idea. Neither is a local pastry or handicraft for the patriarch.

1. Waiting to be seated:
You may have met previously at church, or at someone’s house before driving over the country club. During these first few moments of meeting make sure when you meet each family member, repeat their name and connect the first letter of their first name with a mnemonic device—such as a celebrity with the same name, and the family member and this celebrity doing something silly or off-the-wall together. You could also either compliment them on something your date told you about them beforehand, or ask them a quick ice-breaker question to get to know them better.
The important part to remember is to smile, relax, and be your genuine self. If you aren’t generally a talker, make a joke and let them know it may take you a few moments to open up while you learn everyone’s names and how everyone is related to one another.

2. In the buffet line:
While you are getting seated, and then lining up for the buffet, don’t hesitate to start up discussions with those standing closest to you. One great way to start off a conversation is to continue what you were talking about when you first met, or asking about the traditions of their family on Easter. Have they all been coming to this same restaurant for the past few years? Who started the tradition? How often does everyone get together?

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