5 Ways To Tell That You're On A Date


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There's "hanging out" and there's "dating." Here's the difference.

4. Open your wallet. Okay. I know this will incite some controversy as well. BUT. You should pay for our first date. Not because I'm a money hungry succubus. I have a job, thank you very much. My job is to tell you to pay for our damn date because it lets me know you want me. I'll probably offer to pay next time. Ask to split the check and I will assume you want to be BFFs.

5. Touch me. If you are feelin' me throughout the course of our date, you should touch me at some point. If you're shy, touch my arm. If you're less shy, grab my hand. Physical contact = signal of attraction. A lot of women, such as myself, are not inclined to make the first move. If there's not even the slightest grazing of elbows, I will deduce that I have landed in your friend zone. The Frisky: How To Pass The 7-Second Test

Written by Beth Ames for The Frisky

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission.
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