Vegetarians Like Oral Sex More Than Meat Eaters Do


OkCupid fills us in on rough sex, Twitter's masturbatory powers and other sex trends.

What's the correlation between Twitter use and sex drive? Or between the word "grammar" and rough sex? This week, OkCupid published a series of infographics revealing the quirkiest sex trends among their extensive user base. You can see the charts for yourselves over at the OkTrends blog, but here are a few of our favorite factoids:

1. Women who don't enjoy exercise have more trouble reaching orgasm. Overall, women who don't enjoy working out experience twice the amount of trouble achieving orgasm than women who do like exercise. The good news is, this correletion decreases between ages 18 and 50. Beyond that age, achieving orgasm only becomes more difficult if you prefer a sedentary lifestyle.


2. Old men love rough sex. As they age, bachelors begin preferring rough sex to er, vanilla sex. Fifty percent of men aged 60 like it rough, compared to just 10 percent of men aged 25. For women, it's the other way around. The Emotional Side Of Rough Sex

3. You can gauge people's preference for rough sex based on their profile essay. Women who use the words "England," "church," "gardening," and "dining" are less likely to report enjoying rough sex, while women who used the words "piercings," "obsessed," "grammar," and "undergrad" said they preferred it. Men who use the words "challenges," "faithful," and "sincere" like it gentle, while those who used the words "punk," "ridiculous," and "cynical" like it rough. Kinky Sex And Bondage Tips For S&M First Timers

4. Vegeterians enjoy giving oral sex. A whopping 9:1 male vegetarians enjoy giving oral sex, compared to 7:1 non-vegetarian males. For women, numbers were about a third of that, but they still conformed to the trend. Be right back, registering for PETA. 


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