Survey: Americans More Excited Than Brits For Royal Wedding


man putting wedding ring on woman
Online dating survey finds that U.S. singles will watch wedding, but disagree with royal traditions.

Royalty can't save in-laws. Would you be excited to have royal in-laws? Most singles say no, with only 34 percent agreeing that chumming around with Prince Charles and Camilla would be exciting. Even further, 66 percent admit that family events with the royals are probably very boring. Is Kate Middleton Already Fighting With Her In-Laws?

Women are ready for their own fairytale. Even though they'd never want to marry a royal, hang with Prince Charles or indulge in a wedding fruit cake, 57 percent of women say the wedding fever has made them dream of finding their own soul mate. Most men, however, feel differently—55 percent say the event doesn't stir any sort of emotion in regard to their own personal relationships.


How does the Royal Wedding make you feel?


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