The 10 Spring Fashion Dos And Don'ts For Date Night


lacey schwimmer crop top
How to wear the trickiest fashion trends on your date without getting them wrong.

Do: Infuse some fun personality into your date-night look with shots of prints. Pair a sleeveless, polka-dot top in black with a floral skirt for some sophisticated frills. This style is tough to master, so show your date you're a sartorial force-to-be-reckoned-with. Proceed to work it accordingly.

Don't: Stray from cohesive colors. If you work outside the black + a color idea when you're mixing prints, make sure you're threading a single hue throughout the look, like a base palette of red or blue. You can't just thrown any old prints together. Instead of chic, you'll look sloppy. And no date will like the sloppy look!