Diana vs. Kate: Comparing The Former And Future Princesses

Diana vs. Kate: Comparing The Former And Future Princesses

Diana vs. Kate: Comparing The Former And Future Princesses

Kate Middleton's differences from Princess Di may be the reason this royal marriage lasts.

Adult Life

Lady Diana Spencer wasn't much of a student. In fact, she failed her O-level exams twice. After dropping out of boarding school at the age of 16, Diana's father sent her to a finishing school in Switzerland, but she only lasted a few months there, as well. Diana knew she loved children, but didn't have the education to be a certified teacher. She assisted at a nursery school, but quit her job when she got married to Prince Charles.

Kate, on the other hand, excelled in her studies at boarding school and went on to attend St. Andrews University, where she studied art history and met Prince William. Kate will be the first British princess with a university education and she's also had a short career. She worked as an accessory buyer for the clothing chain Jigsaw and left after a year to pursue a career in photography. When teenage Prince William eschewed Cambridge and Oxford to study at St. Andrew, many thought he was making an attempt to have a more normal life. So it's not surprising that the prince also bypassed the aristocracy and picked a smart girl from a working-class background to be his girlfriend and future wife.


Part of Diana's mystique was how such a beautiful woman could be so humble and shy. She lacked the confidence that comes with life experience—Diana was engaged to Charles at the young age of 19 and had scarcely been out in the world.

At 28, Kate's older and more accomplished than Princess Di was during her engagement. She's completed a university degree and made a living on her own. Her husband-to-be is a catch, but Kate's on more equal footing with him. She doesn't need a man—royal or otherwise—to take care of her. Kate's faced the world with confidence, poise and even a little sass. According to the Daily Mail, "When one friend once remarked she was lucky to be with William, Kate reportedly quipped: 'He's lucky to be going out with me.' In contrast, in the early days of Diana's relationship with Charles, she ventured to say to one of his confidants: 'If I am lucky enough to be the Princess of Wales....'"

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