Love Bytes: Bad Sex Could Be Costing You Years Of Your Life


9 myths about single people and rules on who gets to keep the ring after you break it off.

Love Bytes: 13 must-click love and relationship links.

"You are incomplete; you don't have anyone, you don't have a life," and 9 other nonsensical myths about single people. [Huffington Post Living]

If you are lovin' your single life, here are some pointers on how to date more than one guy without looking totally sketchy. [The Frisky]

What men really think about sex on the first date. [Shine]

Is the concept of educated women dating blue-collar men a recipe for disaster? [The Stir]

If you agree with that last idea, Glamour has a way to pick up an intellectual man! 7 ways to hook a hot guy in a bookstore. [Glamour]

Can't seem to get over your ridiculous hang-ups? TresSugar shows you how. [TresSugar]

Do over-the-top romantic gestures win you over, or do they simply spell out embarrassment? [The Gloss]

Fresh off a bad date? Take consolation in these 5 stories of dates gone horribly awry. [Nerve]

You broke off the who gets to keep the ring? [Divine Caroline]

Do you need any more reasons to start having good sex now? Turns out, bad sex could be robbing you of years of your life. [Cosmopolitan]

This guy explains how men feel about watching porn...with you. [Em and Lo]

3 ways men piss women off without even realizing it. [Betty Confidential]

AskMen gives dudes insight as to why we didn't call them back. Does "she's just not that into you" really not occur to guys? [Ask Men]


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