Love Bytes: 30 Ways To Leave Your Lover


Post-sex cuddle dolls, a 15-minute orgasm, and 30 ways to leave your lover.

Love Bytes: 15 must-click love and relationship links.

In honor of the upcoming royal wedding, here are 9 reasons to love weddings as a single gal. [Shine]

Constantly falling for men who are bad for you? Here's how to reconcile the attitudes and behaviors that lead to these attractions. [Psychology Today]

"Sleep with another girl! It'll make you feel better!" and other ways men are being told to get over their ex. [AskMen]

Still feeling the injustice of hundreds of years of female oppression? Turns out, you can listen to modern day men apologize for it. [Nerve]

Does he love you? How to tell. [Huffington Post Living]

Terrified of being turned down? Try these rejection-proof flirting tips for sexy single gals. [Betty Confidential]

How to have a 15-minute orgasm... say what? [Cosmopolitan]

We know it can be difficult to get men to cuddle after sex, but this may be taking it a little far. [The Gloss]

If your sex life is becoming nothing more than a monotonous routine, try these tips for eliminating sexual boredom. [ZestraBuzz]

Is it unreasonable to ask that he halt contact with his ex? The men over at GuySpeak speak up on the touchy subject. [Glamour]

On that same note, how to stop harassment from your ex. [Em and Lo]

Long or short engagement? Here, multiple women weigh in on which works for them. [TresSugar]

The Cheaters' Guide: how they do it and how to spot it. [Divine Caroline]

"I hate them, too!" and how other mutual dislikes can strengthen your bond as a couple. [The Frisky]

Just not feeling it anymore? Here are 30 great lines for you to use to leave your lover. [The Stir]


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