Does Unavailable = Irresistible?


Love triangle
It sure does seem like guys have a sixth sense for sussing out when you're no longer single.

So, you know, I have a boyfriend now. It's pretty awesome. I'm psyched. I'm happy. I must be radiating blissfully coupled up vibes into the stratosphere because in the last two days, three dudes with whom I have had serious romantic feelings for, hooked up with and/or dated have come out of the woodwork after a lengthy absence and have tried to bark up my tree. It's like Cupid's Evil Cousin whispered in their ears, "Amelia is happy, fulfilled, and no longer interested in dating or DTF—don't you suddenly want to give her a shout?" The Frisky: How To Handle Awkward Moments Without A Panic Attack

First, I got an email from a guy I dated about, oh, six months ago. We stopped hanging out because he was not emotionally available and, apparently, the fact that I seemed too "together" kind of inspired him to focus on bettering himself. The way he put it at the time: "You're a girl with great skin and I'm a guy with pimples.” Or something. Anyway, very nice guy, no hard feelings, yadda yadda. Anyway, this week, he forwarded me an email about a deal on guitar lessons (he saw that I bought a ukulele on Facebook) and then flirtatiously invited me to go to Jamaica with him.

Then, this morning, an IM from a guy I met through some friends and then shared a rental car with for a trip upstate during the summer. He had a girlfriend. When he came on to me suddenly, late at night, I was so surprised—and had been innocently crushing on him from afar—that I went for it. (We didn't sleep together, for the record, but regardless, it was a bad decision and one I sincerely regret.) Since then, he went MIA when it came to paying me back for his part of the rental car and then defriended me on Facebook, a diss so pointless and insulting, I decided the $150 he owed me wasn't worth any more of my time. His IM this morning informed me he and his GF had broken up awhile ago and, oh yeah, he had thought about the night we spent together often and that's why he had unfriended me, because he just couldn't take the temptation. And, oh yeah, could he finally pay me back and BTW maybe we could hook again? No, we cannot. Somehow I doubt I will ever see my $150, which shall remain a pricey reminder of why I should never, ever hook up with a guy with a girlfriend again. The Frisky: Is Skipping Rings The New Wedding Trend?

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