As A Stay-At-Home Mom, Do I Have A Say In Our Finances?


A house made of money
A stay-at-home mom lets go of the idea that she needs to have an income to be happy and fulfilled.

Over time, I became less interested in what I was worth, less interested in definition and recognition, and more invested in our children's lives. I was there to teach and to guide, to connect. I started to think of myself as the architect for our family. I'd help each child build a solid foundation to prepare for life ahead. And through their eyes, I discovered life isn't about what you earn, but the passion you apply to what you do, the purpose you find in it, whether it's chasing butterflies or practicing law. We come alive when we use the gifts God gave us, and many of those we discover through play. "Almost Perfect" Husband and Wife

Of course, you need money to sustain your lifestyle, to protect it.


Now that I've been out of the workforce for close to ten years, I'm no longer confident the market believes in my resilience as I do. So, I want to protect the money that Matt and I have saved together. Because while money can't buy you happiness, it can provide comfort and security as we age.

For us, building this house isn't a stretch but a risk, especially now that the gap between existing home prices and new homes is widening. We could play it safe and wait a few years before building, or plow ahead, hoping the market will recover. Which would you do?

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