Love Bytes: Are Women Becoming Immune To Sexual Harassment?


Things to consider before moving for a man, and how to be the one night stand he'll never forget.

Love Bytes: 13 must-click love and relationship links.

Thinking about going the distance... literally? Consider these 3 factors before moving for a man. [TresSugar]

So men should play hard to get, too? Studies show that women like men more if they're unsure of their interest. [Betty Confidential]

5 sex facts that will scare you senseless. [College Candy]

Innocent flirtation or crossing the line? Turns out, women are sexually harassed so frequently they're becoming immune to it. [Nerve]

You think texting and emails are bad: here, the most sorry dumping tactics we've ever seen. [The Gloss]

Run-in with the ex? How to handle such awkward moments without a total meltdown. [The Frisky]

Finally—a guide for men on how to find a woman's G-spot! Now if only there were a subtle way for us to send him this link. [AskMen]

Are you guilty of "torturing" men? One Pakistani lawmaker says all women are guilty on this count. [Huffington Post Living]

What goes through a man's mind when he finds out you're pregnant? One guy weighs in on the moment of truth. [Glamour]

Is your man too heavy for the kind of sex you want? Not to worry: Em and Lo are here to help you deal. [Em & Lo]

Whether you totally hate it or are totally into it, here are 7 things you didn't know about porn. [Cosmopolitan]

Stumped by your new relationship? Divine Caroline weighs in. [Divine Caroline]

And, if you're not the relationship type, here's what men find memorable in a one night stand. [Shine]


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