5 Reasons Having Sex Is Better Than Being Skinny


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Which is better, having sex or being skinny? We hope you chose having sex!

You don't have to tell that to Miss Dirty Martini. She was crowned the coveted Best Body in Burlesque three years in a row! In addition, Miss Martini and her 44" ass(et) have modeled for Chanel, starred in several critically acclaimed films, one of which won the main prize Cannes last year, and she tours the world dancing the sexiest strip teases you've ever seen. If you buy a ticket to see her perform, be prepared to stutter huminah-huminah because this plus size ballerina is the embodiment of empowered female sexuality.

So ladies, let's get out there and strut what we're working with—all of it! Not just for the men in our lives, but for us. We have to start thinking of our bodies as more than just parts. There's a way to enjoy every inch of our whole package if we refuse to let our insecurities squash our swagger. Don't let a single sexy handful go to waste!

Post sponsored by Zestra, a sexual arousal aid for women derived from all natural sources and works to increase sensitivity to touch.

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