5 Reasons Having Sex Is Better Than Being Skinny


woman in bed pleasure
Which is better, having sex or being skinny? We hope you chose having sex!

On the other hand, if a guy does care about what size you are, maybe you should start caring about your desire to have sex with total jerks.

3. The Best Is Yet To Come (Pun Intended): You think your body is saggy, lumpy, or unsightly now? Well, for senior citizens across the country, sex is the new Mahjong.


Rapini happily touts, "One of my biggest contracts right now is with assisted living homes. I have 70, 80, 90 year-olds-having sex and it's incredible... [The women each] have one old guy on Cialis and it's great for them. They're happy as can be!"

With age comes wisdom, so let's learn this lesson from our elders: be it age, weight or having to store your teeth in cup on the bedside table, nothing should stop you from feeling sexy.

4. More Bang: Hitting the hay is bound to make you a whole lot happier than saying "No thanks, I'm on a diet." Not to mention that while eating mainly satisfies two senses, sex hits all five. Calories come with aroma and taste, but sex comes with full-body flava—touch, taste, sight, the sweet smell of pheromones, and don't even get me started on the sounds!

As Rapini pointed out, "We each have 117 erogenous zones." But don't worry if you haven't found yours. "I don't know where all mine are," Rapini joked. "I always say, when I retire, I'm going to find all my erogenous zones. That's really all I want to do."

I'm with ya, sister! Let's put that on the top of all our Bucket Lists.

5. Confidence Is One Size Fits All: Why waste time trying to lose weight, when we could instead be out there shaking what our mamas gave us? It's confidence that is what really attracts 'em.

In her practice Rapini has found that "when a guy sees a confident woman, he says to himself, 'She loves her body, I'm going to get laid!' If he see her with her head down, he thinks, 'She doesn't like her body, and there's a good chance that she won't like sex.' Attitude is everything."