Love Bytes: Meet The New American Couple


Budgeting sex into your financial situation, rape fantasies, and when size DOES matter.

Love Bytes: 14 must-click love and relationship links.

This article gives men a "fail-proof" way to talk a woman into a threesome. Tell us: would this strange strategy work on you? [AskMen]

The fake orgasm: we're all guilty of it (and if you're not, major kudos to you!). Here, 10 women discuss the frequency in which they do it, and under what circumstances it's totally OK. [The Gloss]

Traditionalist or feminist? Take his name or keep yours? The real question is, how has the fairy tale changed in your head since you were young? [Glamour]

Clearly, things have changed since our parents' day and age, but you may be surprised by the lengths the new American couple will go to in order to make a relationship work. [Marie Claire]

While Gen X/Y couples may be different from their parents, has the nature of heartbreak really changed that much? [Shine]

The five friends who will help you through a breakup. [Huffington Post Living]

Love lessons from a dating coach. [Glo]

Regret something you once said to a S.O.? Miss the one that got away? TresSugar wants to know about your biggest relationship regrets. [TresSugar]

Having a hard time landing a man? You may have a "masculine energy" that is turning him off. [Divine Caroline]

Admittedly, the idea of a rape fantasy is a little disturbing, yet many women continue to admit to having these thoughts. Abandon the disturbing taboo: try this ravishment fantasy instead. [Em & Lo]

Whether you're in the beginning stages of a relationship or believe that there are some things you should never do in front of a man, here are 9 solutions for gross dating snafus. [The Frisky]

Have you factored your sex life into your budget? You may want to, considering the hefty price it carries these days. [College Candy]

We're sure we didn't have to tell you this, but it turns out, size does matter (in some ways). [Cosmopolitan]

And on that note; for your own educational purposes, a map of the world color-coded by the average penis size of its inhabitants. [Nerve]


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