Men Stuck In Adolescence: Why It's Everyone's Problem


A man plays video games
One author says the man-child trend isn't just material for Seth Rogen, it's a nationwide epidemic.

What may well happen is a vicious cycle: as the supply of marriageable college-educated men dwindles, more and more women will decide that they just don't need men in their lives. This is already starting to happen. There is an increasing trend of women choosing to become single mothers. And the more women who opt out of marriage, the more it encourages men to do the same. A New Dating Site For Single Moms

What can we do to arrest these trends? Firstly, we need to fix our educational system. Right now, 60 percent of new college entrants are women, and men are falling further and further behind. This is not a tolerable outcome. Our education system is failing American men in the same way that it once failed women. Secondly, we need a cultural shift. Popular culture may not be the driving reason men are falling behind, but it certainly doesn't help. Culture needs to put more value on men as husbands and fathers rather than man-children.

People in today's society are marrying and having children later than ever before, and we don't really understand the effect that has on society as a whole. Hymowitz's warnings may be overblown, but leaving an entire generation of American males in a state of semi-adolescence serves neither men nor women.

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