A Look Back: Elizabeth Taylor's Love Life


A Look Back: Elizabeth Taylor's Love Life
Famous for her many marriages, we take a peek back at the passionate actress' love life.

Richard Burton (1964-1974, 1975-1976)

It was instant attraction when the two actors came together on the film Cleopatra. Their stormy love spawned two marriages, an over-a-decade affair and the nickname "The Battling Burtons." Their romance was a storied one, although they were both sorta with someone else when they initially got together... Liz said: "I've always admitted that I'm ruled by my passions, and I can't pretend I didn't know what I was doing when I became involved with Richard." At least she was honest? [People] Richard Burton's Love Letters To Elizabeth Taylor


John Warner (1976-1982)

Elizabeth's megawatt celebrity helped John Warner earn a seat in the Senate in 1979, but Liz wasn't exactly down with the life of a politician's wife. "I was told to wear tweeds," she told People in 2006. "I couldn't wear purple, or Halston pant suits." Gasp! Needless to say, this love did not last.

Larry Fortensky (1991-1996)

Liz would marry for the last time in 1991. She tied the knot with construction worker Larry Fortensky, who never finished high school and was 20 years her junior. Odd couple? Admittedly, yes. The union fizzled in 1996. "Larry stopped working," Liz recalled to People. "You can't have love without respect." After she divorced Fortensky, she promised to never exchange vows again—a promise she kept.

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