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Mr. wrong
Dating someone who always says "like," when cheating is justified and the benefits of ED.

Hopefully your March Madness bracket hasn't gone toes up. Either way, here is the best of what the other guys have to say about the weird world of love and relationships.

Ever date a guy (or gal) with verbal "eccentricities"? Bad Online Dates has a little advice for a gal dating a pretty good guy who just happens to say "like" too much. We can only hope it's not in reference to Facebook.


There are worse things than a weird, over-simplified vocab. Glo has a gallery of the 6 kinds of Mr. Wrongs. Great work on a 8-year old cultural joke featuring Colin Farrell.

We generally don't go for relativistic morality BUT sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. Em & Lo ( want to know if a reader can be justified in getting some on the side, behind her boyfriend's back because he has a much lower libido.

And if you think your lady is getting it on with someone else (or need to learn how to cover your tracks), Modern Man has five tells for when a woman is cheating. I'd say getting pregnant after you've had a vasectomy would be a good hint.

Good Men Project has it on good authority that sometimes, just sometimes, sexual dysfunction can be a good thing. In a very candid, first-person essay, Hugo Schwyzer breaks down how unreliable erections made him a better person. It's one of those "when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail" kind of situations.

There are worse things than softies, like letting your looks go. Very Smart Brothas has a funny piece on why not letting your looks go is the most unappreciated act of love.

And speaking of looking a gift-horse in the mouth (or some such), The Frisky has the results of a survey and it turns out that one-quarter of women do not like the way they were proposed to. There can't be that many people who were betrothed via stadium jumbotrons, can there?

Sometimes casual sex can lead to a bad proposal. Per Leftos, a recent study suggests that people can evolve from friends with benefits into a real relationship. 642 Chicagoans can't be wrong, right?

And over at Jezebel a tale of social media, polygamy and a very confused wife. A man in Michigan didn't bother to divorce his wife before marrying someone else. And the first wife found out about this through Facebook. Well, that's what a "Just married... don't tell my wife" status update will get you. 

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