Love Bytes: The Creepy Thing Guys Are Doing On Facebook


Why married friends make the best matchmakers and sex advice from drunk people on St. Patrick's Day.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links

When does your ex "owe" you something after a breakup? This artcie explores the cases in which you're "entitled." [The Frisky]

How often do you and your significant other fight? Would you guess 300 times a year on average? [Glamour]

Is your man spontaneous, giving, or perhaps both? Here, 7 women explain how they would like to be surprised in an ideal world. [The Gloss]

As if social networking weren't problematic enough; behold, the creepy thing guys are doing on Facebook. [Double X]

Not in love with your guy's mom? Better keep it to yourself. Why guys cannot tolerate one negative word about their mothers. [Shine]

Feel left out by your married friends? Maybe you should pencil them in more: turns out, they may just be the greatest matchmakers. [TresSugar]

Relationship advice he's getting: how to win approval from your friends. Do you agree with these tactics? [AskMen]

In it for the long haul? Here, 5 reasons to stay in it to win it with the one you love. [Divine Caroline]

Just for you, 4 little red flags telling you you're about to get dumped. [Betty Confidential]

And for your reading pleasure, sex advice from drunk people on St. Patrick's Day. [Nerve]


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