Girl Goes To A Bachelor Party: My Strip-Club Orgasm


woman man drinking at bar
The sole woman at a bachelor party wows the guys, and herself, with an unexpected strip-club orgasm.

The sun came up over Atlantic City and I realized I had survived the first night. Without compromising the trust Josh and his friends put in me, I will say I was surprised by how tame it all was in the scheme of things. No hookers were hired. No one got arrested, hitched, tattooed, or woke up with missing teeth. None of the guys actually did anything so terrible or wild. Yes, they all drank too much, probably lost too much money gambling and enjoyed ogling the cocktail waitresses, but none behaved criminally or turned into a party monster. They talked a big game, "Dude, look at her ass, I'd totally hit that in the elevator." But none of them actually "hit that" in the elevator. It was no worse than bachelorettes running around bars, hammered, with penis lollypops in their mouths and condoms on their tiaras.

As the day progressed and the Bloody Mary drinking began a few guys who hadn't spoken to me earlier started asking me for advice about their wives, girlfriends, and cute co-workers. I became their relationship Sherpa and was happy to guide them across the treacherous terrain of communicating with women. Don't try to solve her problems, just listen. Ask her if she's lost weight every now and again, even if you know she hasn't. And when dealing with her nether regions, always go softer and slower than you think you should.


That night all 28 of us went to a steak house. Although Josh was the guest of honor, it looked as though I was a queen traveling with my harem of men. At this point there were about 5 holdouts who were still not sold on having a chick at a bachelor party and convinced I was ruining everything. They didn't mind letting Josh know about their disapproval. His mature and wise response: "Shut the fuck up dude and relax."

After the last of the red wine was gone we made a pilgrimage by cabs in a long caravan to the best strip club in town. I've been to my fair share of strip clubs and if this place was the best in town I shuddered to think what the other ones looked like. Atlantic City in general seemed like Vegas's aborted fetus.

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