Astrology Predicts Bad News For Will And Kate's Wedding Day

Astrology Predicts Bad News For Will And Kate's Wedding Day

Astrology Predicts Bad News For Will And Kate's Wedding Day

Prince William Kate Middleton
Astrology finds April 29 a poor choice for Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding day.

Their Marriage

Differing philosophies, poor communication. As we've seen from their sun signs, Will and Kate have different conceptual outlooks on life. Their wedding day chart shows that rather than talking things out to reach common ground, they may just go silent. Instead, they should make an effort to communicate openly. 

Material stability butting heads with more intimate emotional needs. The marriage asteroid Juno in the house of material possessions is opposing Ceres, the asteroid of intimacy, in the house of sex and shared resources. The couple may place too much emphasis on propriety and running the household, and not enough on emotional abandon and physical passion. In other words, their marriage may be more Jane Austen than Emily Brontë.

Kate will always hit her mark. The marriage asteroid Juno in Virgo is in the Sun's sector of public recognition. Kate will be the perfect wife to the eyes of the world, always carrying off her duties to perfection; if she's ever a loose cannon, it will only be in private. Kate Middleton & The Four Secrets For Marrying A Prince

A PR Dream Team. As mentioned above, Kate and will may not be able to communicate with each other, but they'll be unstoppable as a team when projecting a public image to the world at large. The asteroid of governance, Pallas, in the sector of committed partnership and teamwork, is in a harmonious position with the planet of communication, Mercury, in the sector ruling public relations. These two are a formidable pairing when it comes to putting on the right face to the world.

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