Britney Spears Only Has Eyes For Men


The pop diva gets candid with OUT magazine about her sexuality.

As a beloved gay icon, Britney Spears is definitely this century's answer to Cher and Liza Minnelli (alongside Lady Gaga and Madonna, natch). Want proof? Check out this month's issue of OUT magazine to see her working it on the cover of their "Ladies We Love" special issue. Yet unlike fellow pop princess Christina Aguilera, Spears herself has got no love for the least to hear her tell it. Did Christina Aguilera Have An Open Marriage?

"I only have eyes for men," she stated when asked which woman (alive or dead) could make her reconsider her sexuality.

It's a far cry from her on-stage kiss with Madge way back when at the MTV Video Music Awards, which Spears now simply says was a "cool" moment of her career. These days, Brit-Brit's getting busy off-stage with former agent Jason Trawick in a relationship that sounds surprisingly down-to-earth for a diva of her stature. The 7 Most Scandalous Kisses in Award Show History

“We are really normal. We like to watch movies, we work out a lot. We love to work out," she recently said in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest.

And what about the other men in her life, 5-year-old Sean and 4-year-old Jayden? When asked how she'd feel if one of her sons grew up to be gay, Britney had the appropriate response:

"[I'd] love my boys no matter what."

Aww. And it's nice to see Spears getting some good press in light of her bodyguard's recent allegations and reported lawsuit. We're guessing the gay community has her back!

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