Anderson Cooper & Boyfriend Benjamin Maisani Party At Mardi Gras

Anderson Cooper

Are the photo-ops with his long-term boyfriend Anderson's way of coming out publicly?

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper isn't totally out of the closet - We are still waiting for the official Advocate or People cover story like Neil Patrick Harris and Lance Bass have done - But while the 43-year-old silver fox hasn't announced his sexual preference publicly, he isn't exactly hiding it either. According to Gawker, the Coop has reportedly been dating 36-year-old NYC bar owner Benjamin Maisani and recently brought him along to ride on top of a Mardi Gras float in New Orleans.

This isn't their first outing (no pun intended) either. The two made a rare joint, public appearance at this year's Vanity Fair Oscar party, which was a big step for the usually under-the-radar couple. Anderson Cooper Brought Boyfriend To Oscar Party

And although Anderson told New York Magazine back in 2005 that he made a decision "long ago" to never discuss his personal life, we're happy to see that he doesn't mind being photographed with his live-in boyfriend on occasion! We're guessing that Benjamin is probably psyched not to be a "kept man" anymore.

Photo Credit: INF


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